Eximia are not your average window and door company. Of course we need to sell windows to keep going, but as a company our focus is design based, not sales orientated.


Many companies will tell you that their product is the best thing since sliced bread and you go a few miles down the road and someone else down the road tells you exactly the same thing. If you don’t buy doors and windows every day, how do you decipher what is really true? Or a company will only sell one product type and will try to change your project to accommodate their products, surely that’s back to front!


Eximia have stayed independent from all factories to ensure we can offer you clear and honest advice. If you want to understand the pros and cos of different solutions, we will happy explain. If you want ideas as to how to maximise your project and budget, we are always full of suggestions


This approach has also enabled us to have the most diverse range available anywhere in the UK. So if you have some windows, a front door and some sliding doors, you still can have them designed and supplied by one single company


We love to talk, so if you want to share ideas, have some suggestions we are always happy to help


In summary:




  • Help design and specify products

  • Bespoke products to create your vision

  • Help you ascertain if solutions are feasible

  • Proactive with solutions and designs to overcome problems and reduce budgets where needed

  • Supply samples and drawings

  • Present CPD sessions

  • Host visits to factories around Europe and Scandinavia


Home Owners


  • Clear, independent, honest advice.

  • Bespoke products to suit what you need or dream of

  • All your requirements designed and supplied by one company

  • Proactive with solutions to create your dream home with the budget you have

  • Products for all needs and budgets

  • Products designed to last a lifetime

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