Lacuna Timber Folding Doors

Lacuna Timber Folding Doors

Lacuna doors are handcrafted in Denmark and are the most durable timber folding doors on the market. Each door is made using Heat Treated beech which is the exact process used by the Vikings on the Hull of each Long boats. This process ensures that the timber cannot absorb moisture and makes it incredible robust. Due to this process, a Lacuna door is designed to last in excess of 50 years, even in the most challenging of environments


The heat treated beech also ensures that the thermal performance of each folding door is exceptional. Using double glazing we achieve an overall U value of 1.2 which can get as low as 0.7 using triple glazing


Of course having a high performing, durable door is nice, but this has to be combined with amazing design and Lacuna does just that and offers incredible detail down to the very tiniest of details. Each handle and hinge is exclusively made for Lacuna to ensure the length and diameter of each piece of ironmongery is exactly the same across your door. Each door is factory finished to your choice of stain or classic RAL colour.  


In Summary:


  • Supplied in heat treated beech
  • Double or triple glazed
  • Dual colour available for small extra charge
  • PAS24
  • Passiv Performance




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